Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these hikes for anyone?
A: Yes, however, it is important that you be in reasonably good condition. AWT can "tailor" mountain trips for people of all ability levels.

Q: Who provides the backpacking gear?
A: Alaska Wilderness Trails only provides stoves, cookware, water purifier and food. Tents are available as needed. Please get to know the equipment list well, and certainly call with any questions.

Q: Who provides the food?
A: Alaska Wilderness Trails will provide all food, once in the field. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions. Ask us to send you a sample menu outline!

Q: Is a guide required?
A: No, you can arrange for a drop off trip.

Q: When are trips available?
A: Mid-June through September

Q: Why fly in/ drop off?
A: In the 25+ years of flying outdoor enthusiasts to their destination, we have found that the flight is the highlight for many. The view from the air is unbelievable. It also allows us to move far beyond other travelers, motorized vehicles, cell-phones and well, civilization. Unfortunately, this is also where the price tag comes in- but you will find it absolutely worth the price!

Q: How long are the flights in and out?
A: Typically 20-60 minutes, depending on the route chosen.

Q: Are satellite phones in the picture?
A: Yes, for emergencies.


Q: Is there a deposit.

A: Yes, a $250 dollar deposit is required to finalize scheduling.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: A $250 deposit is required at the time of booking. This amount is non-refundable within 30 days of trip. In other words, we have a 30 day policy.


Q: How many days "cushion" should I leave after the trip, in case we get weathered in?

A: Allow one full day at the very least.


Q: What do your trips cost?
A: Click PRICES for more info.


  • AWT is a flexible company willing to consider any proposal.
  • AWT deals primarily with groups of 2-6 people.
  • AWT provides the food and the cooking supplies including stoves. If you need a tent, arrangements will be made.
  • AWT provides guided backpacking trips with highly qualified, friendly guides.
  • AWT does not provide transportation to/from Anchorage.
  • AWT does not provide personal gear (view the equipment list).
  • AWT does not have any control over local weather patterns- plans may change. We are typically blessed with good hiking weather in June through September, BUT NEVER FORGET - IT IS ALASKA!!


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