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Groups of backpackers (2+) must first make their way to Alaska Wilderness Trails headquarters in Sheep Mountain, Alaska. For most, this will mean flying into Anchorage and renting a car for a 2 ½ hour drive north on the Glenn Highway. Backpackers provide all of their personal gear (see equipment list). Nearby lodging and restaurants are available for the day(s) before and after the trip.


These backpacking trips are not “all- inclusive.” We keep it simple to keep the cost of the trips much lower! AWT provides: transportation into the wilderness, a knowledgeable guide, camp food and cookware and emergency supplies. Groups will not be combined, unless specifically requested.


A single- passenger bush plane shuttles backpackers into the wilderness on an approximately 30 minute flight. The location of the drop- off, the duration in the field, and the pick- up destination will be decided prior to the start date. Routes will be chosen according to group size, ability levels, and hiking preferences.


AWT is centrally located between the Talkeetna and Chugach Mountain Ranges, which offer great diversity in backcountry travel. For backpackers, four different general options are available: High Talkeetnas, Lower Talkeetnas, Chugach Iceberg Lake and Majestic Valley Traverse. See below for further explanation. Once a general preference has been established, a more specific route will be planned.


-High Talkeetna Trek- A moderately difficult hike in the high alpine of the Talkeetnas with stunning views, wildlife and (often) excellent Greyling fishing. The absence of underbrush and major river crossings make traveling easy and quick- 30 miles can easily be covered on an average length trip.

-Fossil Trek- A moderately-easy trek in the Lower Talkeetna Range. The terrain is high-alpine and routes can be relatively flat or challenging (depending on hiker’s preference) in this region of obvious geologic formations, fossils, and caribou herds.

-Iceberg Lake Trek- A moderately- difficult hike with great possibilities for day hikes! The highlight of this trip is the time spent among iceburgs abandoned when the "iceberg lake" drained beneath them.

-Majestic Valley Trek- A difficult hike, up and over a towering pass, from one glacier to another. A minimum of three nights will be spent in this area of wandering Dall Sheep and incredible glacier views in the Chugach Range.

-Glacier Isolation - This is an awesome afternoon experience, designed only for the adventurous at heart. The Super Cub will take a scenic journey to a nearby glacier and land on the white ice. With trips of more than one, someone will be left on the ice, alone, as the pilot returns for your companion/s. After all are on the glacier and the airplane is parked, hikers will take a one mile hike over and around crevasses to the edge of Iceberg Lake. To stand within a hundred feet of vertical blue ice is a remarkable experience that will leave a lasting impression. If you are really fortunate the glacier may show her power by calving off a piece of ice twice the size of your house. While this is an exciting trip we assure you that nothing that is knowingly unsafe will be done.
$300 per person ~ Our afternoon trip


PRICE CHART                                                                         
These prices include:
- Bush plane transportation in/out of the field from AWT Headquarters
-A friendly, professional guide
- Tents
-Camp food + cooking utensils, stoves, etc.

**All personal gear will be supplied by the hiker (see equipment list).

** Groups will not be combined, unless specifically requested.


3 nights

4 nights

5 nights

6 nights

7 nights

8 nights

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3 people







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